The Tailored Sportsman Debacle

The Tailored Sportsman Debacle is brought to us by our guest blogger, Joanne. If you spend time on social media and have lots of equestrian friends, you have likely already heard something about it. We will start by going over the “story”, followed by Joanne’s personal thoughts, and finishing with my 2 cents.


Tailored Sportsman Debacle


BY: Joanne Scott


Last week, this post circulated to my Facebook feed by fellow equestrian Brianna Janson.


PSA to my fellow equestrians: This is how the owner of Tailored Sportsman treats their customers for selling a pair of breeches I personally own and paid for(for slightly less than retail). Please keep in mind I have no relation with the company as a retailer. If anyone wasn’t already irritated by their pricing and policies, here’s one for the books. I won’t be buying the brand first hand from the company or any tack stores EVER again personally. Feel free to share! #equestrianawareness #tailoredsportsman



The included screen shots included comments from Brianna’s sales post in a Tailored Sportsman resale group.  The owner of Tailored Sportsman, Susan Isaacs, was a member of the resale group and commented on Brianna’s ad.  Susan accused Brianna of “bootlegging” brand new breeches, and the situation quickly escalated.

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