Let’s Talk Bits

Bits. So many options. How to choose one?


Prior to Rio, I never had any issues in the bit department. My bit choices were always super straight forward, and I never needed to try anything out of the ordinary. When I got Rio, he already had a tendency to drop BTV and gape his mouth, so I went for what I assumed was a ‘soft’ option and used it for about 8 months before Trainer at the time suggested we try something else. The Mikmar is very HEAVY and thick. We surmised that he might not like all that weight on his tongue.


Bit 1: Mikmar Cupreon D Ring with Lozenge


Since he didn’t seem to love it (was still gaping his mouth/resisting it at times), I agreed to try some other options. We tried a smaller diameter and might lighter french link D ring which he seemed to hate. Then I rode him in a Myler with curved bars and copper inlays for a few months which he seemed to like ok (better then the Mikmar and french link).

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