Voltaire Saddle: The Eagle has Landed

THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! My Voltaire saddle has finally arrived!


My Voltaire Palm Beach saddle arrived yesterday. My hubby sent me pics of the box while I was at work, and I considered asking my boss if I could leave early. Only sort of joking. I was THAT excited. This may be the only time in my life that I get a brand new saddle (hello 30th birthday present, thanks hubby!!!), so the anticipation and excitement was almost literally killing me. Almost. I may have had a tiny panic attack on Sunday when the FedEx tracking said there was a clearance delay in customs. Thankfully, my rep is awesome and she called the US Voltaire office first thing on Monday morning, and by the early afternoon they had it all sorta out and it only delayed delivery by 1 day.


voltaire design saddle Hunky Hanoverian

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