Ft. Worth Hunter Jumper Show: Adult Amateurs

Now that I have discussed the Ft. Worth hunter jumper show competitor experience and the 3 ft greens, I get to talk about the main attraction- how the show went for Rio and I! Spoiler… it was SO MUCH FUN!!!



Ft. Worth Hunter Jumper Show Hunky Hanoverian
Andrew Ryback Photography


So the schedule for this show was a tiny bit weird. They had the 3 ft greens going on Wednesday and Thursday, and the Adult Amateurs going on Thursday and Friday. Usually the AA’s don’t start until Friday at the earliest, but for some reason that wasn’t the case this time. That meant that Rio had 3 O/F classes on Thursday afternoon to complete his green division, and then a few hours break before starting the AA division with me (2 more OF rounds). 5 rounds in one day is a LOT for Rio right now. Grant it, he would get a several hour rest, but it was still going to be a lot. Trainer Stacie and I discussed whether we should drop him down to the Modified Adults for me (2’9), as that division didn’t start until Friday. As I already mentioned in my 3 ft greens post, Rio didn’t have the best rounds ever on Thursday afternoon, he seemed unfocused and a bit tired. I had to decide whether to start my division on the same day, or drop down a  division, let Rio recharge, and start the next day.

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