Rio Gets A Spa Day

It’s been a cold and hectic holiday season. Going and getting an hour long massage would be lovely, wouldn’t it? Having a masseuse get into those tight muscles, really putting some pressure into it, and working deep into the tissue. Sigh. I wouldn’t know how good that feels, but now a certain hunky hanoverian does.


Looks relaxing, doesn’t it?


That’s right, Rio got a visit yesterday from Christy, an amazing equine bodywork therapist. Christy has been coming to our barn about once a month for awhile now, doing all MM’s other client’s horses, but I admit to declining to have Rio done. When it comes to “extras” (aka something not essential to his basic well-being) I have to be a bit choosy about where to put my money, seeing as I still haven’t figured out how to grow a money tree. Last time she was here it was about a week before the Waco show, and although I was tempted to have her work on Rio then, I didn’t really have the cash with a huge impending show bill on the horizon. Now that we are in┬áthe off season and I don’t have a pricey A show scheduled in the near future, I decided to take the equine massage plunge.


Bad move on my part.

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