Death of the Local A Circuit?

death of the local A circuit shows, hunky hanoverian


Today I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind lately; the local A circuit.


What is happening to the local A circuit? Is it’s death on the horizon? Will those that scrimp and save to attend a hand full of local A circuit shows a year (raises hand) be priced out completely? I am really concerned.


death of the local A circuit shows, hunky hanoverian


In Texas, we are lucky to have some great venues. There is the Great Southwest Equestrian Center, outside of Houston. The Texas Rose Horse Park, near Tyler. The Heart of Texas/Extraco Event Center, in Waco. We also have the Will Rogers Coliseum in Ft. Worth, which is hosting it’s inaugural hunter/jumper show in late May. We also have a great venue right across the border in Oklahoma. We also have an amazing state association that has a yearly banquet and great year-end prizes (THJA). So… what is the problem?


Low entries.

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