Jeffers Expressions Blanket Review

With another winter approaching,  I recently had to take stock of my blanket collection. At the top of the list for replacement was a turnout with some fill for the truly cold and dreary days. I mentioned in my 2019 holiday gift guide how I love the promotions section at Jeffers, so I went to check it out.

Jeffers Expressions Blanket Review

Jeffers makes their own line of blankets, many of them with adorable colors and patterns. The Jeffers Expression Uniquely English blanket line was definitely my favorite. Featuring navy and hunter green with eggbutt bits on it, I had never seen another blanket like it. Made out of 600 denier waterproof material with 240 G of fill, the blanket checked all my boxes. Free shipping and a free matching just as adorable fleece cooler sealed the deal on this purchase. When I saw they had a matching throw blanket for a steal at $20, that got thrown in as well. While at winter shows and watching winter lessons at the barn, a blanket will always come in handy. I don’t think I could find an equally cute and large blanket at home decor stores for such a good price.

Jeffers Expressions Blanket Review

Never having gotten a blanket from Jeffers before, I was crossing my fingers for a good fit and quality. When everything came in, super fast by the way, I was extremely pleased right out of the box. The blanket and cooler just speak to nice quality. I was also surprised and pleased to see that an extra set of belly straps and hind leg straps were included.

Jeffers Expressions Blanket Review

Once out at the barn a few days later, I was able to try everything on him. Everything fit PERFECTLY. The neck closure on the blanket is nice and high, which I like because it won’t slide back and put pressure on his withers. It also just looks warmer and like it won’t  let in a cold  draft. The fleece on the cooler is very nice and the fit is equally as good. I have had a lot of fleece items over the years and I prefer the fabric of this to some Dover items I’ve had in the past. I have already started utilizing it on chilly evenings after riding as a cooler, and I wouldn’t hesitate to layer it under another blanket on a col night.

Jeffers Expressions Blanket Review

I would say the fit is really true to size. I got the 81 for Rio and it fits exactly as I would expect for an 81. Sometimes I get him 84s but they can be too wide around the neck and hang off his but a bit. I finally realized that an 81 is a much better fit for him.

Jeffers Expressions Blanket Review

Of course the ultimate test for blankets is time. I haven’t had time to see how this one holds up, but I’m feeling really confident about its durability. I will have to update this post after winter, letting everyone know how it does. Until then though, if you’re in need of a blanket now, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Jeffers blankets!


If you do decide to try them out, use code Hunky10 to save 10% (sitewide)! Fyi I get zero kickback from any promo code I share on this blog. They are purely to benefit you guys! Many companies freely gave me codes to share for my holiday gift guide (to help them and the consumer) and I have no agreement with them, nor do I receive any benefit when they are used. This isn’t a kick back system, I just wanted to be clear about that. Happy blanket shopping!

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  1. ohhh this is cool (well warm) HAHAHAI like the cooler a lot. And it is worth looking (ihave a lot of 100 grams and sheets for Remus and one heavy but I am always looking only because some of them get so nasty before the end of the season!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I’ve had a Jeffers no-fill turnout blanket with removable neck hood for 2 years I think, and I’m happy with it. My only complaint is it doesn’t have a fleece wither protector. I didn’t realize this when I ordered it, and wouldn’t have gotten it had I noticed, but it hasn’t caused any rubs.

  3. I love Jeffers! I have a hot pink blanket with dogs on it and it’s my favorite sheet. It’s on its second season and it’s still in wonderful shape!

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