Progress Isn’t Linear

We have all been there. We train and practice and show because we went to better our riding and better our horse’s level of training. We’ve also all felt the frustration of feeling like our training isn’t progressing forward, or that we are continually taking steps backwards. I am not going to write a long post droning on about how linear forward progress, without any regression, isn’t realistic in horses. We ALL already know that.

But what I want to know is- when will it get through my very thick skull?!?


Rio is doing amazing post-Houdini escape and fall, better then I was expecting actually. So why am I bitching to myself about not making progress? Going into our next show (1 week!) I don’t feel like we are super ready to improve on our last show experience. Our last show in Waco went really well. We had some missed distances here and there, and some trouble with lead changes, but we  got it all together for one class on Sunday and it was awesome, we even pulled 3rd in a competitive division which I am still proud of.

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