Hunky Hanoverian or Majestic Moose?

Rio will always be a hunky Hanoverian in my heart, but in our lesson last Saturday we had many majestic moose moments (partially illustrated in our Monday Miss post).  It was our last lesson before our first show in 5 months, so of course I was hoping it would go really well to give us that extra bit of confidence going into the show.


hunky hanoverian
17.3 hands of majestic beauty right here



Instead, I think I got a bit of a reality check in where we are in our journey together. Sometimes Rio resembles a large, gawky moose, and I do a really good job of taking the directive to “sit still” to the extreme by actually freezing. Trainer Stacie really had to get after me a bit on Saturday, and remind me that I CANNOT just freeze up (even if it’s in a pretty position) and expect things to go smoothly. I have to stay elastic, and actually riding. I have to regroup after fences and re-balance the canter. You know, all that stuff you do in between the actual jumps- I gotta do that stuff.

Apparently last lesson before the show sent my brain into “SIT STILL AND LOOK PRETTY” mode. This resulted in some super awkward distances and missed lead changes (you mean we actually have to cue for those?!). And Rio, bless his heart, is just never going to have the world’s most balanced canter. He needs me to help him regroup and get him back together between fences, otherwise things start to deteriorate.

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