Equestrian Problem: Overcoming Fear

For those of you who have always been the “brave” rider, and never experienced The Fear (as I like to call it), you will not relate to this post at all. I know that, because I used to be one of you. I was one of the lucky ones once upon a time.


I would love to hear everyone tell their own personal story about overcoming fear when riding. I didn’t realize how important this subject is, and how crippling fear could be, until I had to face it myself. For all of you who have ever had to overcome “the fear” in the saddle- this post is for you.


I was quite literally, a fearless child. My parents blessed me with my first pony (a QH/welsh cross) named Jack when I was 6 years old. Jack was so stubborn, that he would walk into the corner of the arena and stay there. I would cry and cry, until my mom would walk over and lead him out. This story is predictable, and as you can imagine I eventually bucked-up, put my cowgirl panties on, and made him get out of the darn corner myself! From that day forward, not much stopped me. I rode that pony halter and bareback, galloped through trails, and loved showing off my balancing skills by standing on his back while he grazed in the pasture.

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