Last Lesson Before the Show

So I did a little bit better setting up my phone on the tripod today- it’s not at an angle this time!

Today was the last lesson before our schooling show this coming weekend. It went really well! Rio is learning to horse quite well these days. The first few jumps during our ride always seem to be the best; it’s like he remembers what I want from prior rides and gives 110% right out of the gate. After about 10-15 jumping efforts though things tend to start to deteriorate a little and small mistakes start creeping in. Rio gets tired and I also tend to get a bit sloppier/tired as well and I don’t always help him when he needs it. It’s all super little stuff too, like he gets a bit behind my leg and a bit on the forehand and I wait a bit too long to correct it and then we get an awkward distance. Considering how far he has come in the past few months, I am THRILLED with how well he is doing, and try really hard to not let those little miscommunication and general lack of stamina throw off our mojo.

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