Less is More: Don’t Nag Your Horse

Rio and I had our usual jump lesson on Sunday, and then I hung around to watch a few more lessons. Trainer Stacie definitely had one unifying theme going on during everyone’s rides: Do not nag your horse. Of course she said it much more eloquently then that, but you get what I mean.



Far from the first time I have heard this concept, it definitely didn’t hurt to get a good dose of reminding on Sunday. Trainer Stacie was really after all of us to stop helping our horses so much. With Rio, he struggles to maintain that perfect canter. When I ask Rio to shorten his stride and carry his step a bit more, he sometimes breaks to the trot. He KNOWS that isn’t want I want, it’s just easier. Knowing this, I often accept a flatter/longer canter, because I am scared that if I ask for too much, he’ll break.

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