2 Ponies for the Week

Let’s start with a few quick updates!

Cascai struts his stuff

I had a great hack with Rio on Monday. I have been struggling a bit with whether or not to use a flash on him. He still acts like a baby with his mouth, and wants to gape it when I put pressure on him to work harder, such as with the more collected canter we’ve been schooling lately. Since he will show in the hunter ring, I wasn’t sure that a flash was the answer. I’ve had his teeth done twice in the past year- so he should be comfortable on that front. I decided that I wanted to try a flash, just to remind him to accept the contact and not just try and avoid it. I am not planning on using it every ride, as I don’t want to become dependent on it. Rio had a soft mouth, I think he just needs to learn that avoidance isn’t the answer. I would really like your thoughts and input though- as I am not sure this is the best approach. Any advice is appreciated!

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