Ft. Worth Hunter Jumper Show: 3 ft Greens

I’m back again today to report on how Rio went in the 3 ft green division during the Ft. Worth Hunter Jumper show! First though, I want to start with a little bit of back story for those new to the blog.



I’ve had Rio for almost 2 years now. He was 5 when I got him and had never jumped (except maybe the occasional cavaletti, as he was purchased from a dressage barn). He was lightly started due to his very large size and the fact that he was still growing. He spent 8 of the 23 months I’ve owned him on some type of medical rest for various mostly minor issues (broken splint bone requiring surgery, spider/snake bite to the leg that cause a gianormous, necrotic, gaping hole… I could go on). So, in short, he has been in actual training for 15 months, and sometimes only a month or 2 at a time before being sidelined again by an injury. He has had 15 months to learn everything from leads, to lead changes, to what to do with all 4 legs while flinging his giant body over obstacles in his path.

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