Universal Studios- Harry Potter World

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!”


I RARELY do this on my blog, but here is a completely non-horse related post. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd, and I finally got to go to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL last weekend with my hubby and my family. In case any of you are as big of Potter nerds as I am, enjoy the photos and videos! (The vimeos are my snap stories from the 2 days, so a mix of photos and videos)


Universal Studios family trip 2/2018 from Kelly on Vimeo.


Universal Studios family trip 2/2018 day 2 from Kelly on Vimeo.



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The Post-Junior Years: Part 2

If you haven’t already, I suggest you start by reading Part 1!


Having already discussed how I stayed involved with horses during my college years, I now want to tackle the early adult years, i.e. post college years. You know what I’m talking about, those years where you realize you actually have to find a job that relates to your major and you are panicking big time because you didn’t really think things through when you decided to study Egyptology/Bagpiping/Canadian Studies. You strongly consider bartending and possibly even exotic dancing when you realize that both of those ‘careers’ make more money then the entry level salary at a job that you actually majored in. I am looking at you biology major.  Anyway, I could go on and on, but the point is that you eventually realize you have to go back to school to do something that actually interests you and makes a salary above the poverty line, which is important because horses cost money.



So how do you stay involved with horses during this time? Imagine that you are poor, like $50,000 in college tuition debt poor, and you have no real job to speak of (don’t knock pet setting though, it can be pretty great), and you realize you have to do MORE school if ever want to adult on a real level in a field you are actually interested in (in my case, healthcare). I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell you how I did it.

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The Post-Junior Years: Part 1

I think that all juniors that are reaching the end of their junior careers begin to worry about the future at some point, and not necessarily the educational one. What happens when you age out of the juniors? Leave for college? When your equestrian life is basically over for the foreseeable future, how do you deal?


I often see young riders asking for advice on how to stay involved with horses during the post-junior years, and how to afford such an expensive hobby when you are struggling just to afford food that is better then Ramen. I remember that when I was at that age (barely though, it was so long ago), that I had the exact same worries and questions.


Best pony and junior rider I ever got the chance to work with. You can barely see Tinkerbell underneath all of her ribbons!
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Equine Bodywork Update

Rio has his first bodywork session at the beginning of January, and he just had his first follow-up session yesterday. Going forward we plan to stay on a consistent once a month schedule to keep a pulse on how he is feeling, and monitor the development of any problem areas that could indicate the need for a change in his program.


He had a few ‘problem’ areas last time, where he was particularly tight, but I am happy to report he was overall MUCH better this time. I think a lot of that has to do with him getting his hocks injected 2 weeks after his initial bodywork session. He was probably compensating for his hocks in other areas, which was causing tightness that usually isn’t there. Now that he is freshly injected and feeling better, his musculature is telling a much better story. The amazing Christy had lots of good things to report. His hamstrings are nice and soft, his back (particularly the lumbar region) is much more relaxed with less heat. His stifles feel better, and he feels good in his shoulder/thoracic outlet area.


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Julie Winkel Clinic- More Media

I didn’t want to overwhelm y’all on the initial clinic recap post with tons of media, so instead you are getting an entire post dedicated to it. Make sense right? Maybe not. Whatevs.




Totally LOVE this one but wish I hadn’t ruined it by not having my boots snapped up yet (I had just gotten on). Still may need to hang it in my house somewhere though.
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My Adventures with EquiFit

Those that follow me on instagram (@hunky_hanoverian) may remember a post from the beginning of January concerning Equifit. With over 60 comments, it drew a bit of attention to the customer service provided by Equifit (or in some cases, the lack there of). One similar theme seemed to emerge among all the comments: We, as equestrians, expect a certain level of quality and customer service which seems to closely correlate with, if not directly related, to the price of the item. Higher priced products should equal better quality, or at least a high level of customer service to back up what is viewed by the consumer as a below standard product. If you are paying $280 for a pair of boots, you expect a certain level of durability in the product.



Here’s the story:


EquiFit Extended Full Coverage horse boots were purchased (from Centerline Style) to cover Rio’s prior surgical site on his left hind. It is healed now, but he does interfere occasionally, and I wanted to protect the area as much as possible. If you don’t know about Rio’s left hind issues, feel free to peruse this post with tons of pics of the area in question.

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Julie Winkel Clinic


Rio and I spent the weekend at The Paddocks Stables for a Julie Winkel clinic. This was our first clinic together and I was so so excited. Our host, Katja (owner and trainer at The Paddocks) did an incredible job of making sure everything ran smoothly and that all of the guests there for the clinic (horses and people!) had everything they needed at all times and felt welcome and comfortable. Seriously, she is SO nice. The barns were immaculate at all times as well; I was just so impressed with the whole operation there.


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Post Joint Injection Routine

MM was at a horse show in Waco the last 2 weeks, so Rio and I got to spend some quality time together. I also realized it was the perfect time to get injections one. The Monday she left (1/15), he got his hocks injected. Based off of his xrays from his pre-purchase, and my desire to be as economical as possible, Amazing Vet injected the lower hock joints bilaterally.


Our barn switched shavings and Rio loves them


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Equine Photo Shoot Inspo

After chatting a bit with Karinda K (a crazy talented photographer, see my cover photo of Rio if you don’t believe me, or click the link to her page), we realized there is a definite need for some outfit inspiration for high fashion equine themed photo shoots. Whether shot by a pro or your best barnmate, it is easier then you think to get a Vogue style shoot, it only takes a bit of creativity. In an effort to help inspire those thinking of doing spring shoots, I decided to put together an little outfit inspo for y’all. This look is essentially inspired by spring colors and my Anne of Green Gables-esque romantic yearnings. (Side note: I read all the Anne of Green Gables when I was 8ish and then ran around trying to talk like her. Everyone thought I was weird, but I thought everything was delightfully marvelous and oh so romantic). If I was a wood nymph who got to frolic with unicorns in a white blossom covered field, this is what I would wear.



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The Tailored Sportsman Debacle

The Tailored Sportsman Debacle is brought to us by our guest blogger, Joanne. If you spend time on social media and have lots of equestrian friends, you have likely already heard something about it. We will start by going over the “story”, followed by Joanne’s personal thoughts, and finishing with my 2 cents.



BY: Joanne Scott


Last week, this post circulated to my Facebook feed by fellow equestrian Brianna Janson.


PSA to my fellow equestrians: This is how the owner of Tailored Sportsman treats their customers for selling a pair of breeches I personally own and paid for(for slightly less than retail). Please keep in mind I have no relation with the company as a retailer. If anyone wasn’t already irritated by their pricing and policies, here’s one for the books. I won’t be buying the brand first hand from the company or any tack stores EVER again personally. Feel free to share! #equestrianawareness #tailoredsportsman



The included screen shots included comments from Brianna’s sales post in a Tailored Sportsman resale group.  The owner of Tailored Sportsman, Susan Isaacs, was a member of the resale group and commented on Brianna’s ad.  Susan accused Brianna of “bootlegging” brand new breeches, and the situation quickly escalated.

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