Scotti is a cute nugget

If you read my blog on the reg, you will know that Scotti (MM’s horse) is Rio’s bestie. They have a serious bromance going on. Since Rio has been out of commission for a bit, and probably will be for another month or so, I’ve been begging rides. You guys have all met Clark the super horse, but he is going to be at show this week with his real mom. I am super extra lucky though, because Scotti is staying home from the show, so we get to keep each other company. MM let me ride him on Saturday and jump him for the first time. We don’t know each other very well yet, but he was super good, and tolerated my ammy mistakes amazingly for only being 5 yrs old.


Keeping the post short today- here is a lil short vid of Scotti and I!



ScottiKelly9.9.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.

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  1. He’s so unattractive, and obviously not talented…I can take him off your hands though? Just saying 😛

    jk – he’s adorable and I want to squish him. Your friends (and you) have great taste in horses!

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