Money Woes of the Adult Ammy Life

How I feel on payday


I realize it’s the first of the month, so board/training fees due. NBD. Done, paid.

Oh right, farrier came too, here you go- paid.

Realize I am almost out of Pentosan, kinda annoying timing but no problem, order more.

Starting to feel like this but that’s ok


Husband starts to talk about spending money on various house projects.


My reaction to non-horse related spending

Decide that I FINALLY need to transfer Rio to my ownership with USEF and go through the name change process. He also needs a USHJA membership ($195 total). I already did all of this in the fall with the Hanoverian society (which was $150ish). I also need to renew my membership with USEF/USHJA ($140). Crap.


Now I really feel life this. Enjoy my money USEF/USHJA.

Have a horse show in a week. Entry fees will need to be paid. Thankfully it’s a local show.


Can only imagine this is how my hubby feels


I may need to cut spending everywhere else, but at least Rio will live like a king. (That’s what I tell myself…)


Potentially how I will need to be eating for the next few weeks LOL


Anyone else feeling the #AdultAmmyWoes lately?!? Tell me I’m not the only one!! Misery loves company after all!

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  1. I think it’s the time of year for financial stress. I have just survived income tax time and that is always a tough one. Anyway thanks for the follow and I look forward to seeing more of your horse adventures here!

  2. Ugh. I’m right there with you. I really need, well more like want, so much tack and clothing for my first show but I have a teeny tiny budget that basically covers nothing. It’s hard to buy a half pad when the kiddo needed a whole new summer wardrobe. Bye bye half pad dreams. Hellos size 5T shorts and t shirts. Some day I may have money. Some day.

    1. Riggtttt! Like it’s amazing some days. Sometimes I stop and wonder if I’m being incredibly irresponsible with money, but then I think about how miserable I would be without horses, and I have definitely decided it’s well worth it!

  3. UGH. Spring is like that — gotta renew your memberships, get spring vaccines, start planning for show season… it hurts! Haha

  4. Hi! First time reader, I just recently did all this with my Hanoverian too (I couldn’t stomach the pictures in the top couple posts since i just ate so decided to scroll down to something easier to comment on). Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Welcome to the blog fellow Hanoverian lover! I don’t blame you at all for not wanting comment on my recent posts- I swear this blog is usually more rainbows and butterflies! Do you get the American hanoverian society magazine too? I actually quite like it!

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