Equestrian Product Hacks

Let’s face it, almost everything that is branded for equestrians has a crazy mark-up. If you are like me, you love your horse like a member of your family, and you want the very best for them. Thankfully, this does not mean that you have to always splurge on equestrian specific products!!! There are many “hacks”, aka non-equestrian branded products, that save you money and are comparable. I have reached out to equestrian community and have received some amazing feedback. I am so excited to share this list of equestrian product hacks with everyone!


Ear Plugs– the nice rubbery ball type ones (submitted by @Havana_has_my_heart)

  • A single pair for $11 from SmartPak
  • 2 pairs for $6 at Amazon, marketed as a cat toy

Equestrian Product Hacks


Bickmore Mac Wipes– an equestrian specific disposable grooming wipe (submitted by @theecequestrian, socalequestrian, & @juliacskowronek))

  • $22 for 63 wipes from SmartPak
  • $18 for 1152 baby wipes from Sam’s Club. Fragrence and alcohol free, baby wipes are great for wiping gunk out of eyes and noses, cleaning your tack off in a pinch, wiping sweat off of your own face, cleaning oil off your own hands, etc. Not quite as large or as sturdy as the Bickmore wipes, you still get wayyyyyyyy more for your money’s worth! I always have a stash in my trunk.

Equestrian Product Hacks


Mare Magic– A blend of dried raspberry leaves to support a quiet disposition in mares and geldings (submitted by @remarkablemare)

  • $50 for 3z oz (2 lb) from SmartPak
  • Hack: Raspberry leaves in bulk from amazon, $12 for 1 lb (so $24 for the same amount from SP)


Equiderma Zinc Oxide Paste– as a treatment for scratches & rain rot (submitted by @remarkablemare & @caroline.lurie.eq)

  • $25 for 16 oz at SmartPak
  • $13 for 16 oz of Desitin maximum strength diaper rash cream (40% zinc oxide) from Walmart


Equestrian Product Hacks


Shampoo– stop splurging on equestrian specific shampoo & conditioner when the human stuff smells amazing and is much much cheaper!

  • $10-25 equestrian branded shampoos
  • $2 & up for the human versions


Leg brace & antifungal solution– 2 different hacks for this one!

  • There are many products that claim to be great as a leg brace under standing wraps and have anti-fungal properties, so I couldn’t choose just one for a direct comparison. Must of them range anywhere from $10-25.
  • $7 for 1 liter at Walmart: Listerine Mouthwash diluted with water is a great leg brace and to help stop any itching/fungus/hair loss. I used to use Listerine myself when I was a junior on my Arabian’s face & cannon bone crud in the summers and it worked great, so I can vouch for this one! (Submitted by @corleyan)
  • $2 for 16 oz at Walmart (or buy in bulk at Sam’s club like I do, it’s even cheaper) Wintergreen alcohol is also a wonderful leg brace. Make sure the legs are completely dry before wrapping though!! This website actually has tons of great uses for common rubbing alcohol when I comes to our equine friends, I highly recommend checking it out. (submitted by @flying.french.flower, @kbiggsy )


Show Sheen– coat shiner spray

  • $11.80 for 15 oz continuous spray Show Sheen at Smartpak
  • $5 for 15.9 ox ORS Olive Oil Sheen Spray at Target- submitted by @remarkablemare, she credits this amazing hack product for her mare Juliet’s beautifully shiny coat, and says dust doesn’t stick to it, and it doesn’t like a residue like Show Sheen does. Talk about a win-win!

Equestrian Product Hacks


Sunshirts– As we all know, there are many brands of equestrian specific sunshirts at different price points. These price points tend me to PRICEY though. You are lucky if you find one in your size under $50. Most retail for $75 and up. You do NOT need to buy equestrian specific shirts to protect yourself from the sun though! Many people have suggested checking out sale racks at places like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Athleta etc. Any place that sells gold/tennis gear should have sunshirts, and some even have under arm mesh. Get creative and shop around for the best prices and styles! (submitted by: @pamgoeseventing, @equi.ranch, @theecequestrian, @theplatinumequine)

  • People have reported finding these non-equestrian specific sunshirts in the $15-20 range
Huge shout out to @pamgoeseventing for sharing her beautiful quarter-zip sunshirt finds with us!



Quick Knot braiding pins– equestrian specific metal pins used for button braids

  • 100 for $45 from Saddleword
  • 100 for $8 from Walmart: Curved bobby pins are definitely not exactly the same as the specifically horse designed Quick Knot braiding pins, @trou_story_farm swears by these and says they are a great alternative to the pricey equestrian specific ones!

Equestrian Product Hacks


Show Sheen for body clipping– if you body clip then you probably know that a coat shiner will help the blades slide through the coat easier by reducing friction, which also helps keep you clippers from getting hot. I just clipped Rio a few weeks ago and DOUSED him in Show Sheen for this purpose.

  • $18 for 32 oz at SmartPak
  • $2.47 for 20 oz from Walmart: Mix 1/3 baby oil and 2/3 water in a spray bottle, spray all over pre-clipping like you would do with Show Sheen (submitted by @corleyan)

Bit Cleaner

  • $22 for 6 oz bit cleaner and a cloth rag from Victory Canter
  • $2.77 for 84 count denture cleaner at Walmart: Denture cleaner is GREAT for cleaning dirty bits. Throw a bit in a tub with some water and one of these tablets and it will be sparkly clean in no time! Don’t believe me? Check out this guest blog post that talks all about it!

Bit Butter– Made with a blend of natural butters and essential oils, this balm moisturizes, revitalizes, and helps heal skin for a smoother, softer feel.

  • $19 for 4 oz from FarmVet
  • $3 for 16 oz Coconut Oil from Walmart: Smells great and the ponies love it! (submitted by @Armani_monster)

Saddle rack for your car

  • Pegasus brand one is $180 or Ebay has this plastic one for $65 after shipping
  • $10 trash can from Target, lay it on the flat side and you are good to go! (submitted by @kaylahaynes_). Want to learn more about this awesome hack? Check out Kayla’s blog! She also lists tons of great uses for everyday products at the barn!
Equestrian Product Hacks
@kaylahaynes_ demonstrates how a $10 trashcan from Target can makes a wonderful saddle rack for your car


Whitening Shampoo

  • $13 for 16 oz Quicksilver at SmartPak
  • $7 for 8 oz Mrs. Stewarts at Walmart:  At first glance, it may seem like you aren’t saving money with the non-equine specific version, but a little of this stuff goes a long way! @hayner.g says she puts 2 capfuls in a bucket of sudsy water to get her 2 large greys bright and shiny. She also recommends following up with a conditioner so as to no dry out their hair.

Equestrian Product Hacks



I received so many wonderful hack suggestions, thank you to everyone who shared your ideas with me! Horses are expensive enough, it’s nice to be able to save a few dollars here and there when possible. Did I miss a great hack? Please leave a comment to share!

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  1. My farrier suggested mineral oil for dry hooves. $2 at Walmart. Reusing old clipper blades as pulling combs. Take a photo copy of your USEF card when shopping at Dover or Smartpak, they offer discounts. Dry shampoo to get the stink out of a sweaty helmet (versus the CO helmet spray).

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