Christmas Wish List!




It’s that time of year again! What is on your Christmas wish-list? Or maybe you are trying to figure out what to give a fellow equine lover? Here are my thoughts- broken down by price range:


$25 and under: 

  • Riding socks: I don’t know any equestrians that would turn down more riding socks. It feeds my OCD side to be able to match my socks to my outfit, so I am always buying socks in new colors. I am not picky when it comes to socks, so I like any brand that have fun colors. I have found that the Ovation Zocks fit well, and love that they come in milions of styles.
    • $8.95
  • Horse treats: This one is a gimme. You can NEVER have enough horse treats. Ever. Rio is not picky, he l0ves Purina Nicker Makers, Bob’s Peppermints, carrots, Mrs. Pastures, Stud Muffins, anything really! I also like Probios treats because they make me feel like I’m also giving him something that’s actually good for him.
    • $3-$25
  • Saddle Pads: One can never have enough saddle pads. Never. I have maybe…10? For one horse. Still not enough. My ultimate favorite saddle pad is BackOnTack ($68) but I also like cheapo saddle pads that are easy to wash- bring on the baby pads! I have recently become a fan of SmartPak’s baby pads- they are a great price, especially if you catch a sale and a free embroidery offer. I ordered one last night to the tune of $11, total. Yup, $11. Free embroidery and free shipping for SmartPak users is a definite bonus in my book. Did I need another saddle pad? Hell no. But for $11? Why not!
    • $13.95 regular priced- but often on sale for up to 30% off
  • Combi Polo Wraps: So I have always loved polo wraps- but wished they were a bit more protective/supportive/just more. I find putting them on to be therapeutic- making sure they are wrapped just so. I recently discovered these Horze combi wraps– and I LOVE them. Fleece followed by elastic bandage, all in one wrap. Dirt and shaving don’t stick to the outer elastic wrap which I love. I just feel that these are better then traditional polo wraps, for essentially the same price!
    • $17.99
  • Gray Horse Candles: Perfect gift for ANY horse person! These candles are incredible. I have High End Leather and Spring Pasture and love both scents. Would love to try their other scents in the future! Check out their etsy shop here.
    • $17.00




This baby pad from SmartPak was $11, embroidery included. I kid you not.





  • Swanky Saddle: Anything from Swanky Saddle. I love all their things, from the monogram plates to the equestrian themed bangles.
    • $25-50 depending on the product
  • Roeckl Gloves: Let’s face it- even if you have gloves, you could always use more. My brown Roeckls that I ride in everyday are long overdue to be replaced- but $50 FEELS like a lot, even  though I know I love these gloves and mine have lasted 1.5 years so far. They definitely make an excellent gift though, I am always thrilled to get new gloves! I love that Roeckls have a large size range. I have LONG fingers, and therefore wear an 8.5.
    • $49.95
  • Derby Belts: I love all the derby belts from Hunt Club and I want every single one. I don’t have one yet (hint hint to anyone reading this!) but they are totally adorable and so chic. Their sweaters are also totally cute and look so comfy!
    • $34.00








  • Back on Track: I love all things BoT. Their quick wraps and saddle pads are both under the $100 price point, and make excellent gifts. Go the extra mile and have them embroidered, because BoT products can tend to disappear at barns and horse shows where there might be sticky finger (people love them that much).
    • $68.95 saddle pad
    • $92.95 quick wraps
  • Kastel: As I mentioned in a previous post, I love all things Kastel Denmark. Their everyday Charlotte shirts, their Merino Wool shirts, and their newer competition shirts are all under the $100 price point and would be a great gift for any equine enthusiast.
    • $75 on average
  • Snazzy Show Shirt: I love both Noble Outfitters Madison show shirt and the Ariat Marquis show shirt (click the links to see my reviews on them)
    • $90-100






  • Sakkara Breeches: First noticed them on insta- want their navy breeches. A total splurge, but would love to try them! Made in Italy, they look super classic with some chic modern touches.
    • $200
  • Alessandro Albanese Show Coat: Serious the lightest weight coat ever. Amazing for warm/hot climates, and comes in tons of great color choices so you can always have more then one! Click here for my review on mine.
    • $250
  • SmartPak Ultimate blankets: I really wonder why I EVER bought any other brand of blankets/sheets. In case you have been living the hermit life and haven’t heard- SP Ultimate blankets offer a 10 year warranty. YES, TEN YEARS. I need a new sheet because my other one has died (Dover brand). Rio wears a size 84 in case anyone is wondering!
    • $180 but frequently goes on sale




Love these blankets




$250 plus:


  • Edgewood Wide Noseband Bridle w/ Padding: MM has one of these and I am very envious. I just know it would look stunning on Rio.
    • $350ish
  • Charles Ancona Custom Coat: In my dreams I’d get one of these. I definitely haven’t built my dream one on their website or anything…
    • $1245
  • New Saddle: This is the big thing I need/want. Still demoing various brands, and hoping this one happens soon!
    • ????





I could go ON AND ON about all the horsey things I want, because they really are all wants. I honestly have all I need- a healthy happy horse that I can afford to pay the bills on, and a little extra money for training/shows. I am crazy thankful for all that I have, and all of this stuff is just icing on the top!!!

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        1. (This is not directed specifically at you, but at the general blogging public. Same rant I had last year when this Hunt Club belt conversation came about.)

          I think it’s really interesting that many, if not all bloggers say they prefer to shop at small businesses, yet because $34 is “expensive” for a belt, they choose to purchase an obvious knockoff from a company in Asia just because it’s cheaper. I’m not gonna tell you or anyone else what to do with your money: it’s your money, spend it however you choose. But to preach about the need to support small businesses, yet immediately run to Asia to save a few dollars, I think that’s really hypocritical. Speaking from personal experience, Hunt Club has some of the best customer service around, their products are well-made and adorable, and its a personal pet peeve of mine that many bloggers would immediately choose an obvious knockoff over supporting a wonderful small business like Hunt Club just to save money.

          1. I absolutely get what you’re saying! I have (and will continue to) order from Hunt Club. But I do also like to know what other options are available- because sometimes a few extra bucks is necessary for something like a vet bill.

            Shopping at Hunt Club is a “luxury” IMO. It’s where I spend extra money. I think $34 is a fair price point for a belt of good quality, but I also don’t “need” more belts. I love to help promote small businesses whenever I can, but sometimes I have to be realistic about budget constraints too. Love your input though! Well said!

  1. You should add some human BOT to your list. I have the ankle wrap for my reconstructed leg, and it’s amaze-balls and just increased by belief in the benefits of BOT! My trainer wears their socks and swears by them as well.

    1. So true! I actually use their elbow wrap and I find it helps a ton. One of the reasons I’m such a strong supporter of BoT- it works for me!

  2. I’ve been really wanting to try the BOT baby pads that they came out with. The regular pads are too thick and HUGE for my liking.

    And I think I need to just try the smartpak blankets. I’ve never been able to find a blanket that truly fits Libby (very wide through her barrel and shoulders, but doesn’t necessarily need a neck opening built for a rhino). I even tried the Rambo optimi and it’s meh.

    1. Omg BoT baby pads?! I didn’t even realize that was a thing. Now I am going to have to research this!

      Yes I love the SP blankets. They have huge shoulder gussets and fit alk the big wide warmbloods at our barn quite well!

    1. Thanks! They are definitely worth the money- I’m actually shopping around cyber Monday to see if I can snag some on sale!

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