Creepers be Creepin

Rio loves me. I mean, why shouldn’t he? He has spent almost half his time in my care on some version of stall rest, so he barely ever has to work hard,  he regularly gets groomed to the nines, and stuffed with carrots and cookies on the reg. Like, dream life for a horse basically (minus lack of turnout). I have added a new regimen to his pampering routine- massages. That’s right. These seem to have only increased his love for me. Unfortunately,  (or fortunately?) his love may be borderline obsessive/stalker/creeper. But, I’ll circle back to this problem (or wonderful situation?).


This nose is the cutest nose. Just look at it.


About 6 months ago my hubby bought this hand held massager on Amazon. I tend to have a lot of back pain from my day job, and he also doesn’t have the best back ever. We LOVE it. We used it a TON in the first few months and wow, it really helped. I barely have any muscle tension/pain anymore, and we haven’t really used it in a couple months. I had the brilliant idea to bring it to the barn and use it on Rio. Rio has really taken to it, and seems to enjoy his massage time. Evidence in the vids below!


He always rock back and forth when I get to this one spot on his butt. It’s hilarious.

Rio8.23.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.


He even seems amused when I do his face LOL


Rio8.23.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.


Along with Rio’s intense love of me comes his uber intense possessiveness. He’s like that boyfriend you had freshman year of college that what way too obsessed with you and constantly needed to know where you were, who you were with, and what you were talking about. He revels in my attention and can’t figure out why I would even look at another horse.


MM and I decided to try the massager on Scotti, who is stalled next to Rio. Here is my case in point of Rio’s creeper behavior:



Don’t see it yet? Look closer.




When I ignored him and continued giving my attention to Scotti,  Rio tried a new angle (literally 😂).




Look closely…


Yup, he has now progressed to showing his teeth too.


My horse is a creeper. I’m cool with it. I actually like it. I’m one of those girls that kind of relishes in the obsessive “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” relationships. My hubby, bless his soul, does not often indulge me in this kind of behavior. My chihuahuas show me love, but, they also love my husband. I may finally be getting the creeper/stalker attention that is my  secret love language from Rio.



So, is your horse a creeper/stalker? Do you secretly like it?



For now, Rio is going to have to share me with Clark. I have some GREAT pics and vids of me jumping schooling him last night, but I will save those for my post tomorrow. #getexcited


**As usual, photo/vid creds go to MM. THANK YOUUUUUU**

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Struggle with Sutures

So… Rio’s sutures did open up in the left hind like we (vet and I) were anticipating. I’m sure his trailer loading antics didn’t help, but what is done is done. The plan is to just let it heal up on it’s own, not re-suture them. I’m kinda bummed because this area didn’t heal well the first time around- but hoping that with diligent care and wrapping we can do better this time.


opened area where a wound revision was performed (medial LH)


Good news is his other leg (RH) looks amazing. This was the spider bite leg at it’s worst (in case you are a new reader), this was late May:


This was it recently, pre-breaking his splint bone and re-opening the wound:



And here it is after the surgery, all sutured up. It looks really nice, and the surgeon expects it to heal very well with minimal scarring, if any!


Rio is thankfully really good for the bandaging process, because it is quite a task lol. Here he is all bandaged up and looking colorful:


He also got a really good grooming, a massage, and lots of carrots. Not at all spoiled. Nope!


He knows he’s still a looker, even with only 2 good legs!



Huge thanks to everyone for all their amazing support, Rio and I can’t thank everyone enough! More updates on his healing to come, and more riding updates on my lovely surrogate pons as well!

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All the pretty horses

Good news on the Rio front!


The surgeon called me Friday afternoon and said the surgery to remove the broken portion of Rio’s distal right hind splint bone. He said the revision of the left hind wound (the non-healing one from almost a year ago) went well, but due to the location (near the coronet band and on the medial side of the leg) he said the sutures might not hold well.


Saturday morning he checked the suture sites before re-wrapping the legs, and sure enough, some of the LH sutures were already pulling apart. A bummer, but not the end of the world. Even if it opens up all the way, we think it will heal better after being debrided with fresh, good tissue.

Clarky the cutest


When it was time to leave, I walked Rio up to the trailer, fully expecting him to walk right on in like he always does. Nope. No way. He didn’t want to get on. Ok, no big deal. I pat him, let him sniff, gave him some carrots. Circled and came back to the ramp, still no go. Guy helping me tries to pat his butt some. Rio now says NO WAY. He was really starting to act pissed, and Iwas so confused. He is always a good loader. I think he must have been pretty pissed at me. After about 15 mins the guy gets a lunge whip, just to lightly tap him, and Rio started losing his freaking shit. Half-rearing, trying to body slam people, and tripping all over himself. I have never even lounged him, much less touched him with a long whip, so I have NO IDEA where that reaction came from. He is fine with dressage whips and crops. If his sutures weren’t open before, they sure are now. Every single thing about Rio’s look and demeanour was him basically giving me a GIANT middle finger. I have NEVER had him use his size against humans before, but he was absolutely not getting on that trailer. I was SOMADATHIM but also like “Ok dude, I get it, you are really pissed too.” Truce.

Scotti, the best 5 yr old ever

Long story short, they had me back the trailer up to this run thing, so Rio couldn’t get off the to the sides, and then he got in with basically no resistence. Le sigh. Wish we had started like that and skipped the struggle. Lesson learned.


He was very very happy to be back home though, and super happy to see his bro Scottie. He is on strict stall rest for the next 2 weeks, then after that he can start some hand walks. I’ll keep you guys updated  on his his suture sites are healing.

Clarkamous (like hippopatamous, get it?)


Good news is, I am very lucky to get to ride some amazing horses during Rio’s down time. You guys have already seen some videos of Trainer’s  incredible boy Cascai (the crazy good jumper!) so expect more of those. MM has graciously also been letting me ride her super cutie, Mr. Scotti himself. Scotti is so fun to ride guys. Also making his way into the line up is the dashing Clark Kent, a lovely hanoverian owned by one of my awesome barn mates. She is so incredible to let me do some rides on him as well. IAMSOLUCKY to be surrounded by such amazing people and horses.

Clark struts his stuff like he thinks he’s fancy or something






Here is a video of me riding Clarky (jumping starts about 1/2 way in if you find flatwork boring LOL)

ClarkKelly8.18.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.




And here is a video of me flatting Scotti, sorry no jumping this time!

ScottiKelly8.18.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.


Here is a gymnastic clip from MM’s insta that she posted of Clarky & I. Y’all should follow her too.

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Can horses live in bubble wrap?!

Seriously though… the first person who invents a horsey bubble wrap is going to be a kajillionaire. No joke.


Rio’s spider bite wound has been a bit slower to heal then I would like, but it had (notice the past tense) been looking pretty good. I had even gotten to the point where I was only covering it with a lightweight sock with some compression (to keep the flies off) and it had barely been getting swollen at all, which is big deal considering this leg has been wrapped non-stopped since late May. Things were on the up and up, and I had my eyes set on an A show in Tyler, TX mid September.


Well… MM texted me a picture of Rio’s leg on Tuesday. It was a bloody mess. Apparently he has somehow managed to re-open part of the wound. #SoRude of him. After cleaning it up though, it didn’t look too bad though so no vet visit was necessary. I could have gone out that evening, but MM had doctored it and wrapped it, and I was feeling kind of blue about the situation, so knowing there was nothing I could do, I stayed home. I did come out Wednesday to check it out. It was a bit swollen under the stable wrap but not bad. I was a bit concerned though, it seemed deeper then I would have like. Still not awful or anything, I was mostly just frustrated that it was re-opened after looking so good. I wanted to see if he was lame under saddle, so I tacked him up and walked him a bit. He seemed totally fine so I trotted some, again fine, minus being dorky because he had a stable wrap on. Did not seem in any pain so I was happy about that.

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I Can’t Even: Ground Poles of Doom

First of all, I have no riding media. I know, I am the worst. So sorry, promise to get some this week. I had a lesson Thursday with Trainer, and a another on Sunday with MM (who owns Scottie and works for Trainer, because Trainer is headed to KY for the next 2 weeks).

Thursday’s lesson was in the big jump ring which is always fun because there is a full course up there with big, nice jumps. Ah, the things that equestrians get excited about, such as what kind of jumps we get to jump LOL. Anyway- this was basically Rio’s first time over some of the jumps in this ring (a roll top, some boxes etc) and he was GREAT. Reallyyyy excited to  be jumping again, and actually a bit of a handful at times. So I do not know what is wrong, but my brain is seriously broken when it comes to ground lines in front of jumps. I see them, and literally just can’t think or ride at all.

how I feel about ground lines
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Sometimes you just need to shrug it all off and have a good chuckle. One of my FB friends posted this, and it’s too funny not to share. Comment which one you most relate to!


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Horsey Doppelganger

I don’t know about y’all, but I love riding other horses from time to time, even just for a few minutes. I am always so curious as to how horses feel versus how they look.

Rio shows off his fancy trot

There is this gorgeous hanoverian at my barn named Clark that reminds me SO MUCH of Neco, the horse I used to lease and show in the AA’s. This is us from a show a few years ago. Anyway, I have been itching to ride Clark to see if he is anything like Neco, so MM let me hop on him for a few minutes last night to take him for a spin. In short, he’s really different from Neco, but still fun! Takes a LOT of leg, and I was embarrassingly huffing and puffing a little bit and felt kind of like a sack of potatoes. In some ways he was easy to ride, and in other ways, harder for me.

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Jump Lesson on a Jumper

I had a super fun jump lesson this morning on Trainer’s jumper, Cascai.  Rio got hock injections last week so he’s enjoying a few days of rest.

If you read my blog a lot you’ll be tired of hearing this, but Cascai is the FUNNEST horse ever. He’s a 7 yr old imported holstiner that has magical springs on his feet. He makes you feel like you can jump anything!  I’ve barely jumped over 2’6 in the past few months, and we were easily doing 3’3 ish today and I didn’t even think to be nervous/scared because I know Cascai can get over it no matter what I do lol! If I won the lotto I’d  for sure buy him (fingers crossed).
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Showing: Why I do it

pets for a job well done (p.c. @if_photography)

So I recently read an awesome post by Fat Buckskin in a Little Suit about showing and why we do it. I have often thought about why I compete over the years, and it seems hard to explain sometimes, most especially to myself.

When I am exhausted at the end of a show, and feel like I am dying of the elements, with an empty bank account, I sometimes look around and wonder WHY I do this. When I am about to enter the ring, and I feel like vomiting up my non-existent breakfast (because who has time for breakfast at shows?) I wonder why the HELL I am here. When I use my vacation hours to sweat my ass off in the sun, run around stressed all day, and wait for hours upon hours for 2 minutes in the show ring, I wonder when I became such a CRAZY person.

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