Money Woes of the Adult Ammy Life

How I feel on payday


I realize it’s the first of the month, so board/training fees due. NBD. Done, paid.

Oh right, farrier came too, here you go- paid.

Realize I am almost out of Pentosan, kinda annoying timing but no problem, order more.

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My Horse is a Genius

Rio and I had our ritual Sunday lesson this afternoon, and he could not have been more perfect. Everything is clicking- the canter work, our distances, our general flow. Even his leads changes were pretty stellar today! I think we got every one I asked for except one. I seriously cannot believe he has gotten the hang of lead changes in let’s see… 5 rides?! Not even kidding. Rio must be a horsey genius. Anyway- not much to report other then a great baby horse. I am super excited to take him to a show in 2 weeks!

Please forgive the angle- apparently I didn’t get my phone on the chair very straight LOL.

Rio4.30.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.

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2 Ponies for the Week

Let’s start with a few quick updates!

Cascai struts his stuff

I had a great hack with Rio on Monday. I have been struggling a bit with whether or not to use a flash on him. He still acts like a baby with his mouth, and wants to gape it when I put pressure on him to work harder, such as with the more collected canter we’ve been schooling lately. Since he will show in the hunter ring, I wasn’t sure that a flash was the answer. I’ve had his teeth done twice in the past year- so he should be comfortable on that front. I decided that I wanted to try a flash, just to remind him to accept the contact and not just try and avoid it. I am not planning on using it every ride, as I don’t want to become dependent on it. Rio had a soft mouth, I think he just needs to learn that avoidance isn’t the answer. I would really like your thoughts and input though- as I am not sure this is the best approach. Any advice is appreciated!

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Doubting the Vision

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Sometimes I doubt. I doubt that I have made the right decisions, that I am on the right path, and that I will be able to tell the difference. I try to push it down, but sometimes that seed of doubt creeps to the surface, like an ugly zit that just won’t go away!


Rio just got body clipped, isn’t he just the hunkiest?!
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Buying a Horse: Your “No” List

So a recent thread on the COTH forum got me thinking- What is on your “No List” when buying a horse? What faults can you absolutely not look past? Wha,t during a PPE, makes you stop and pass on the horse?


Started with flexions

Keep in mind- standards change with budget. I was working with a small budget and wanting a very tall horse, so I was willing to overlook some things. If my budget had  been a lot higher (think 20-40k) then I would definitely not be so forgiving of some things. My main must haves were 16.3 plus hands, some natural hunter movement, sane with little to no “crazy”, and not older then 10 but really preferring much younger. All for 4 figures.

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Getting in your own way

I have decided that Murphy’s Law is totally a thing. If you have a 3rd party that is willing to video your lesson- you will ride terribly. Things will just not go your way, and you will want to burn the video footage.

Group selfie with S’s horse Dalton


Haha ok I’m being a bit dramatic, but only a bit. My BFF and I planned a horsey filled day yesterday, where we watched each others lessons at our respective barns (which conveniently enough, are only 8 minutes apart). Her lesson wasn’t the smoothest, but she did an amazing job riding through it and keeping a positive attitude. Rio has been super lately, so I was feeling really good about showing off for my bestie. LOL. Murphy had some other ideas.

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Product Review: Ovation Wide Nose Bridle

A few months ago I purchased the Ovation Ultra Fancy-Stitched Wide Nose  Bridle from Dover to be my show bridle for Rio. Now that I have been using it for about 4 months, I felt like it was time to give it a proper review.

Stock photo:  Ovation Ultra Fancy-Stitched Wide Nose Bridle


Why did I choose this bridle?

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Collected Canter Progress

I was scheduled to work second shift at work today  (2:30 to 11pm) so I headed out to the barn this morning to enjoy a quiet hack. The weather in DFW was gorgeous this morning, mid 70’s, overcast, and a light breeze.
Rio was less then thrilled to see me. As I pulled in, I saw him frolicking with his new buddies, 2 Czech imports of my trainers. Do you think horsey language is the same all over the world? Lol jk (sort of). He usually comes up to me expecting treats, but no such luck today,  he was having too much fun with his buds. I will give him some credit though- he didn’t run away!

Rio is the one with his butt to me. He definitely saw me coming and then turned away like that LOL
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Laying the foundation

I spent most of the weekend on my non-horsey life (laundry, cleaning, installing new floors), but I was able to squeeze in a lesson on Sunday morning.
I feel like we are in that nitty-gritty phase where every lesson exposes tons of “holes” in our training, which is both exciting and difficult at the same time. I say holes in quotes, because I don’t actually consider them holes, as Rio is still young and learning a ton every ride. It would probably be more accurate to say that every lesson shows us buttons we don’t have installed just yet- which is totally ok. It just motivates me to keep working, and to try to ride every ride to the best of my ability, so that I can make him the best possible horse he can be.
Pretty much the level of our current dressage skillz
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Putting in the work

Trainer showing Cascai, a 7 yr old Holsteiner she imported last year

Last week, Trainer was at Pin Oak all week- so no lessons. It was nice to relax and spend some quiet time in the saddle, and hack outside the arena a bit. Trainer got back from the show on Sunday, and being the eager beaver I am, I basically instantly started texting about when we could lesson. Rio has been doing fantastic, but he’s still pretty out of shape and he isn’t used to doing much jumping yet.

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