Product Review: Alessandro Albanese MotionLite Show Coat

I live in Texas. It is hotter then Hades here for basically 3 months of the year. It is barely tolerable for about 3-4 more months, and then there are 2ish perfect horse show weather months. Whoever came up with the concept for the Alessandro Albanese MotionLite Show Coat MUST be from Texas, or at least heard our cries of desperation for a coat that doesn’t roast us like a Thanksgiving turkey in the Texas heat. Earlier this spring I bought a new show coat for the 2ish perfect months of weather, but what about the rest of the year?

Solution: The AA MotionLite. Really. Buy one. Now.

Purdy, right?
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Summer Goals

Being a type A superfreak about most things equestrian, I love lists. I love charts. I love to do lists. I love goals. When I am really stressed, I love to organize. When things are out of my control, I hyper focus on what I can control. I am very lucky and thankful that Rio is on the mend from his spider bite of death, so I can finally breath a sigh of relief and start looking toward the future. Fall shows seem too far away still, so instead I want to focus on summer goals, aka now through the end of August.


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Rio Vet Update

Great news! Rio is doing very well. Amazing Vet started him on a different antibiotic on Wednesday (SMZ) and he is doing very well on it. Eating his hay and grain normally, and very happily getting a few hours of turnout in a very grassy paddock in the mornings.  He is still getting his ulcer paste every day, and the probiotics in his feed to help keep his tummy happy, and it seems to be working. In fact, I think he is putting some weight on and starting the sport the #hunterchunk again! His spider bite of death is actually getting smaller too! I’ll put that pic at the very bottom of the post for those who are a bit squeamish, as it is still kinda gnarly looking.

Dapples for days
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Rocking E Cowgirl Blog Hop

For lack of any interesting content… here is a fun little 10Q blog hop!


What is your earliest, clearest horse memory?

I can’t remember the exact one, but I have many wonderful ones of riding my pony, who I got when I was 6. Trail rides, playdays, pretending to run-away together… the whole gambit!

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Supplements: What do you feed?

Let’s talk supplements. We all know there are basically millions to choose from- and not a lot of quality research to back up most of it. I would really love to get a ton of feedback on this thread, because I am ALWAYS on the fence about supplements. I would love to hear what you feed, and more importantly, WHY you feed it?

I have had Rio on some type of SmartPak supplement basically since I got him, but I am constantly changing it up. I always want to make sure I am giving him everything he needs, which leads to me second guessing myself and changing his supplements basically monthly kinda like a psycho who can’t make up her mind.

Rio says hi to Biscuit the pony
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Unicorns Heal Superfast

Great news! Rio’s leg appears to be on the mend. Everyone sending good vibes must be working because Rio’s leg seems to have taken a turn for the best and has looked consistently better these past 2 days.

Saturday, first day of noticeable improvement

Rio has seemed a bit depressed this weekend and slightly off his feed- I think the antibiotics are upsetting his tummy. We are also putting a lot of stuff in his grain that he doesn’t like (like probiotics), which doesn’t help. When he wouldn’t eat his grain this morning Trainer consulted with Amazing Vet and she recommended some banamine and we are withholding his antibiotics for 24 hours to give his GI system a break. He happily grazed all afternoon and ate the majority of his grain this evening so I’m not too worried. He has also maintained solid manure, so overall I think he’s doing well. When I left this evening he was eating his hay.

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Spiders are evil

So… remember when I said I thought Rio’s gaping leg hole had maybe plateaued and we were hopeful it wouldn’t get bigger? Joke’s on us!!!

***WARNING: This post contains graphic medical images. Continue at your own risk!***

Quick reminder- this was his leg on Tuesday 5/30. Basically looked the same as the day before, and we were hopeful that this was the worst of it.


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Gaping Leg Hole Update 

I tried to think of a funny title about having a hole in the leg but I’m fresh out of ideas. Suggestions welcome!

I met with Amazing Vet this morning. She was very excited to see slightly less drainage, and no increase in the size of the hole. We are hopeful that is had plateaued and will hopefully not get much larger.

Fingers crossed that it starts getting smaller at some point!

He tolerated having it hosed pretty well, and I then I hand grazed him to let the leg dry out a bit. Surprisingly, he walks on it with no signs of discomfort. Hard to believe one can gave a gaping hole in the leg and still walk around normally! After re wrapping it hr got to go onto the small front paddock and he happily rolled right away then grazed for about an hour. It makes my heart happy to see him acting so normal!

The new antibiotic (something that starts with a c for those curious) has to be given orally 3 times a day 6 hours apart, which is a problem. My barn is a small private facility that does not have 24 hr barn staff. It is also a 35 minute drive away in no traffic. I’m going to get really familiar with the drive though because I’ll be going out there every evening to do one of the 3 times. Sounds like a pain to most probably but I am happy to feel helpful and more then willing if this is what it takes to get him better! It’s a broader spectrum antibiotic, so we feel like it’s the best option since we don’t know what caused the hole.

Rio is obsessed with likits, here is a cute video of him attacking his new one.

Rio5.30.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.

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It’s not always sunshine and daisies 

I have been MIA lately.  As it turns out, I’m not very good at blogging when things fall apart. I don’t like to talk about disappointment, sadness, and the hard stuff. I constantly describe myself to people as a happy person. My horse is REALLY important to me. Anyway,  I promised myself this would be short so I’ll get to it.

***Warning: This post contains very graphic images***

This is the abbreviated version!

I rode Rio the Thursday after the show. He was good, a bit unmotivated, but I didn’t blame him. I was still feeling the horse show hangover a little bit myself. He had Friday off and I headed out there Saturday for my jump lesson, excited to build on what we learned at the show.

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Product Review: DeNiro Boots

Tall boots are one of the big investments for competitive equestrians, and as such I think many of use seek guidance when choosing a brand. Not only do we want our boots to fit and look nice, but we want to know that they will last for more then a few months. I have heard absolute horror stories about many brands of tall boots falling apart after limited usage, and IMO that is just not acceptable. I have refereed to my DeNiro boots a few times, but I felt like it was time to do them justice with a formal review.

Company: DeNiro

Style: Classic Long Riding Boots w/ laces and custom calf and height measurements

Color: Brown and Black

Cost: Excluding VAT and including shipping, approx $700-800

Ignore the lack of quarter round, the floors are new
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