Two Lessons, Same Theme

I am so so excited to be taking lessons again. Like real lessons, where we really work on stuff. You guys are probably sick of hearing “how excited” I am about every little thing- but I can’t help it. #sorrynotsorry


crappy still frames from the video- sorry my camera sucks in the indoor!
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Rio is a Real Horse

Things are really coming together guys (knock on wood!). Rio’s left hind continues to noticeably improve, and we have gone from “sorta, kinda canter/stumble/hand gallop-on-the-forehand a few steps” to “you are a grown horse and know how to canter while carrying your own step” for at least a circle at a time. Major progress. My amazing barn friends are all so supportive and super happy for me that Rio is back to work. Every time someone asks, “How does it feel to be riding him again?” I want to respond this way:


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Vet Update: Nearing the Finish Line

Hey guys! I am finally posting another vet update on Rio. I know it’s been a little while since I did one, but I really wanted to give the leg a little more time to do something interesting (aka HEAL) so you could actually see some progress. So… here you go!


Remember to check out my last update first to see pics of where we left off.


Left Hind:

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Behind the Scenes

When I started blogging, I never realized how much work some of the “back end” stuff can be. I assumed it would be all about writing the posts, and never had a second thought for the technical aspects of creating a blog. I was so silly back then! Although I have learned a lot, I still have tons more to learn to make this blog the best it can be.


My face when I realized there is way more to blogging then just writing
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Rio Gets Back to Work

p.c. goes to MM



Rio has been doing excellent! He has now had 3 light rides, and every one has been better then the last. I think it’s pretty obvious that he is happy to have a job again. I am SO LUCKY to have such a GOOD boy, I have missed riding him so so much.

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George Morris Clinic: Dallas, Tx

George and MM on day 1 as he compliments her leg (p.c. Doris Archer)


It was a LONG 3 day weekend- but everyone survived! I have honestly been trying really hard to figure out the best way to do a clinic recap- do I do a day by day summary of what was taught?  A quick overview hitting the high parts? Direct quotes from George only? My honest, unfiltered opinion on what went on, the rider and their horses? That probably wouldn’t make me too popular with some, to say the least! Since I didn’t actually ride in it, I don’t feel that an in-depth, super long, 3 post summary is really necessary, so I plan to keep this all to one post, and do a combination of the above- so stay with me here!

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Good Tidings: Rio Update

Rio has officially passed the 6 wk mark in his recovery (4 days ago) and his RH is looking GREAT! Like, better then before the surgery so I’m super happy about that! LH is… meh. Some days I think it looks way better, some days not so much. But I still think it’s getting better overall, just going slow. Still using the laser on both areas, and hoping it will continue to help the LH improve. On to the pics now!


Right Hind first:

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