Horsey Doppelganger

I don’t know about y’all, but I love riding other horses from time to time, even just for a few minutes. I am always so curious as to how horses feel versus how they look.

Rio shows off his fancy trot

There is this gorgeous hanoverian at my barn named Clark that reminds me SO MUCH of Neco, the horse I used to lease and show in the AA’s. This is us from a show a few years ago. Anyway, I have been itching to ride Clark to see if he is anything like Neco, so MM let me hop on him for a few minutes last night to take him for a spin. In short, he’s really different from Neco, but still fun! Takes a LOT of leg, and I was embarrassingly huffing and puffing a little bit and felt kind of like a sack of potatoes. In some ways he was easy to ride, and in other ways, harder for me.

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Jump Lesson on a Jumper

I had a super fun jump lesson this morning on Trainer’s jumper, Cascai.  Rio got hock injections last week so he’s enjoying a few days of rest.

If you read my blog a lot you’ll be tired of hearing this, but Cascai is the FUNNEST horse ever. He’s a 7 yr old imported holstiner that has magical springs on his feet. He makes you feel like you can jump anything!  I’ve barely jumped over 2’6 in the past few months, and we were easily doing 3’3 ish today and I didn’t even think to be nervous/scared because I know Cascai can get over it no matter what I do lol! If I won the lotto I’d  for sure buy him (fingers crossed).
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Showing: Why I do it

pets for a job well done (p.c. @if_photography)

So I recently read an awesome post by Fat Buckskin in a Little Suit about showing and why we do it. I have often thought about why I compete over the years, and it seems hard to explain sometimes, most especially to myself.

When I am exhausted at the end of a show, and feel like I am dying of the elements, with an empty bank account, I sometimes look around and wonder WHY I do this. When I am about to enter the ring, and I feel like vomiting up my non-existent breakfast (because who has time for breakfast at shows?) I wonder why the HELL I am here. When I use my vacation hours to sweat my ass off in the sun, run around stressed all day, and wait for hours upon hours for 2 minutes in the show ring, I wonder when I became such a CRAZY person.

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Opinion: Increase in USEquestrian Fees

So I’m curious to hear people’s opinions about USE President Murray Kessler’s letter announcing an increase in participating member fee for 2018. If you haven’t already seen it, you can read the short version here on the Chronicle and the full letter here.

The price increase is from $55 to $80, but now also includes a rolling membership year, where you get a whole year of membership regardless of the date you renew/join.

Up-to-date members right here, just need to get to a show to make to fees worth it!
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More jump lesson video

So the amazing MM videoed basically my entire jump lesson from Sunday that I wrote about in my last post. I put up a short video of the most ‘exciting’ thing we did, but I finally got around to putting all the other clips together and uploading it. It’s not every day that I get so much media, so I had to share! Here is compilation of clips from our lesson. Enjoy! (Sorry about the quality. Iphones and Androids don’t like to play nice when sharing media unfortunately!)

Rio7.30.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.

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Jump Lesson Update


Now that Rio is back in action we have been taking 2 jump lessons a week (making up for lost time and all!). It has been really nice because I don’t feel as much pressure to get a ton accomplished in every lesson, knowing we have another in just a few days. Rio has been improving every ride, always ending on a great note.

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Group Love

When we moved to the new facility (FMF), the turnout situation had to change a bit. Previously, Rio had been in a large paddock with two other geldings, Leffers and Cascai. The horses were transitioned into individual turnouts at new place. Rio still had tons of fun playing over the fence with other horses, but still separated. You would think this would cut down on playing injuries, but if anything I think Rio’s amount of nicks and scratches increased. Go figure right?

The turnouts got rearranged recently, and Rio got moved to a paddock a bit further away, but bigger. The best part is, he gets to be with his buddies Leffers and Cascai again. He is SOOO happy. They definitely have a group love situation going on. Maybe they are a Throuple? I came out for my lesson this morning and all 3 of them were huddled together grooming each other non-stop. Trainer said that yesterday Leffers came in with his back covered in dried saliva, courtesy of Rio I’m sure.

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Evening ride and bubbles

hunter/jumper, hanoverian, equestrian style

For starters, how does everyone like the new look?!  My amazing friend has been helping me on the back end of the site and created the new beautiful layout. Snazzy right?

As we all know, the summer heat is upon us. Thankfully, my work schedule allows me to ride in the evening hours that are actually quite comfortable. Still hot of course, but usually not too bad with a slight breeze. MM (who owns Scottie) usually meets me at the barn and we enjoy a good hack together. Last night she rode one of her training horses (Cas) while I worked Rio.

mikmar D ring lozenge
Our current bit
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Horse Swapping

Rio is feeling out the new person on his back

One of my favorite things about loving horses is connecting with other people that love horses. It gets even more fun when you both have a child (er, horse) and you get to share the experience of riding him/her with your fellow horse-obsessed friend. I love seeing my baby (uh I mean Rio) spread his wings and experience another rider.

MM and I swapped rides last night- she owns Rio’s long lost brother/bestie, Scottie. See the photo story of Rio and Scottie’s bromance here.

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