More jump lesson video

So the amazing MM videoed basically my entire jump lesson from Sunday that I wrote about in my last post. I put up a short video of the most ‘exciting’ thing we did, but I finally got around to putting all the other clips together and uploading it. It’s not every day that I get so much media, so I had to share! Here is compilation of clips from our lesson. Enjoy! (Sorry about the quality. Iphones and Androids don’t like to play nice when sharing media unfortunately!)

Rio7.30.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.

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Jump Lesson Update


Now that Rio is back in action we have been taking 2 jump lessons a week (making up for lost time and all!). It has been really nice because I don’t feel as much pressure to get a ton accomplished in every lesson, knowing we have another in just a few days. Rio has been improving every ride, always ending on a great note.

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Group Love

When we moved to the new facility (FMF), the turnout situation had to change a bit. Previously, Rio had been in a large paddock with two other geldings, Leffers and Cascai. The horses were transitioned into individual turnouts at new place. Rio still had tons of fun playing over the fence with other horses, but still separated. You would think this would cut down on playing injuries, but if anything I think Rio’s amount of nicks and scratches increased. Go figure right?

The turnouts got rearranged recently, and Rio got moved to a paddock a bit further away, but bigger. The best part is, he gets to be with his buddies Leffers and Cascai again. He is SOOO happy. They definitely have a group love situation going on. Maybe they are a Throuple? I came out for my lesson this morning and all 3 of them were huddled together grooming each other non-stop. Trainer said that yesterday Leffers came in with his back covered in dried saliva, courtesy of Rio I’m sure.

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Evening ride and bubbles

hunter/jumper, hanoverian, equestrian style

For starters, how does everyone like the new look?!  My amazing friend has been helping me on the back end of the site and created the new beautiful layout. Snazzy right?

As we all know, the summer heat is upon us. Thankfully, my work schedule allows me to ride in the evening hours that are actually quite comfortable. Still hot of course, but usually not too bad with a slight breeze. MM (who owns Scottie) usually meets me at the barn and we enjoy a good hack together. Last night she rode one of her training horses (Cas) while I worked Rio.

mikmar D ring lozenge
Our current bit
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Horse Swapping

Rio is feeling out the new person on his back

One of my favorite things about loving horses is connecting with other people that love horses. It gets even more fun when you both have a child (er, horse) and you get to share the experience of riding him/her with your fellow horse-obsessed friend. I love seeing my baby (uh I mean Rio) spread his wings and experience another rider.

MM and I swapped rides last night- she owns Rio’s long lost brother/bestie, Scottie. See the photo story of Rio and Scottie’s bromance here.

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The Noseband Debate

So this has been on my mind a LOT for about 6 months. I go back and forth about how I feel. I stress about it. I sometimes google. Mostly I just stress. Here’s the deal:

Your young, green horse gapes his mouth. What do you do?

I spent many solid years in dressage land (predominately training-2nd level) where it seems like EVERYONE uses a flash. I used one on my palomino paint. He was the semi-nervous type at times, and it helped him focus.

Flash noseband. Very common sight in dressage-land
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Enjoying the little things 

Every time I think I know my horse really well, I realize we still have a lot of ground to cover. Prior to Rio’s spider bite fiasco, I was riding 3 maybe 4 times a week, with Trainer also riding once a week. Although that was a pretty good amount, I’ve really stepped up my saddle time since Rio has been cleared to ride again. The new barn is slightly closer, and I guess I am even more thankful for the saddle time that I’ve made more time for it lately.

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Summer Goals Check-in

It has been a month since I came up with a list of Summer Riding Goals, so I feel that a check-in is in order. Checking off lists is one of the many things that makes me especially happy, so here we go!

  1. Finish up Rio’s vet care and get Amazing Vet’s ok to start riding.

Mostly completed. We did get the OK to start riding, and have been doing so for a couple of weeks now. We are still tending to the wound, and progress is mostly good. We actually got the ok to go without a wrap- but Rio’s leg swelled way up and the wound started to ooze, so back to wrapping it with a stable bandage for now. I’d like to slowly wean him off the wrap, maybe we try again in another week.

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Rio Vet Update

If you’re new to my blog the quick and dirty of it is Rio got bit but what we assume was a poisonous spider at the end of May. It got really bad before it got better, but he’s been on the mend and I’ve been riding him again for about 2 weeks now. Check out the whole saga in the health/vet category if you want to see all the gory photos!

Good news is, the wound is much better, bad news is that healing for the past 2-3 wks has been a bit stagnant. It’s closed up- but healing seems to have stalled out.

After discussing options via text with Amazing Vet, she felt the best option would be to debried the wound, cut out some of the middle tissue, and suture the wound shut. I was nervous about him having a procedure, which would inevitably lead to more healing time and could lead to complications.  Don’t get me wrong- I trust Amazing Vet 100%, but I also work in healthcare and am well aware that the best laid plans can sometimes still have side effects. Regardless, I trust my vet 100% so I was fully on board with the plan. If the benefit outweighs the risk, you gotta go for it. 

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