Rio Vet Update

If you’re new to my blog the quick and dirty of it is Rio got bit but what we assume was a poisonous spider at the end of May. It got really bad before it got better, but he’s been on the mend and I’ve been riding him again for about 2 weeks now. Check out the whole saga in the health/vet category if you want to see all the gory photos!

Good news is, the wound is much better, bad news is that healing for the past 2-3 wks has been a bit stagnant. It’s closed up- but healing seems to have stalled out.

After discussing options via text with Amazing Vet, she felt the best option would be to debried the wound, cut out some of the middle tissue, and suture the wound shut. I was nervous about him having a procedure, which would inevitably lead to more healing time and could lead to complications.  Don’t get me wrong- I trust Amazing Vet 100%, but I also work in healthcare and am well aware that the best laid plans can sometimes still have side effects. Regardless, I trust my vet 100% so I was fully on board with the plan. If the benefit outweighs the risk, you gotta go for it. 

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Karinda K Equine Photography

The photos have arrived!!!

I am so excited to share these images of Rio, I am obsessed. They were taken by Karina K Equine Photography. Rio had a mini photo shoot in late April, and now I can finally share the images. I loved SO MANY of them, but budget constraints and all! These 2 topped the rest  and I couldn’t decide between them, so I obviously had to purchase both (screw the budget!). For copyright reasons, the photographer requests that only the watermarked images be shared on social media.

Copyright Karina K Photography
Copyright Karina K Photography

I am working on re-doing the look of the blog, so expect changes in the future and these beauties to be prominently featured!

Which one is your favorite??

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Tour of the new barn

So I have been LOVING the new barn (Flower Mound Farm)! It’s on tons of great pasture and is a large 2 aisle barn with 6 grooming areas, 2 wash racks, and a plethora of tack rooms. The 12 x 12 stalls are nice and open with window views of the outside and are always cleaned super well. They also really bank the shavings to prevent horses from getting cast which I love. Not the fanciest facility I’ve ever been to, but it’s incredibly well run and full of good people! All the boarders are incredibly welcoming and super friendly to boot.

View as you pull in
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Glefke/Farmer Doping Fiasco

If you are at all interested in the H/J world and haven’t been hiding under a rock- you probably have heard at least a little bit about the Glefke/Farmer USEF suspension & fine for a GABA infraction for the horse Unexpected. There are many COTH articles detailing the issues (here, here, and Glefke’s statement here).


The short and dirty version:

January 11th 2017 a press release was published detailing the ruling. It all started with Unexpected testing positive for GABA at the Kentucky Summer Horse Show in a pre-green hunter 3’3″ class on July 28, 2016. Farmer as the owner/rider, and Glefke the trainer. The USEF slapped Glefke with a $24,000 fine and an 24 month suspension and Farmer initially received a 12 month suspension and a $12,000 fine as a “person responsible” and thus sharing the responsibility according to General rule 404.

Skip ahead to the next day- Glefke/Farmer said “NO WAY!” and denied ever even knowing about the charges or the uncontested November 29th hearing. SHOCK AND AWE. You can read their statement here.


After what I can imagine were many boo-hoos (kidding…) USEF granted G&F a rehearing.

An then, Oh Shit, not only did the USEF uphold the doping suspensions, they actually increased Farmer’s suspension to 18 months, and her fine to $18,000 (Ouch! Me thinks the committee was none too impressed with her testimony/defense).

Then Glefke came out with a public statement claiming it was a “witch hunt” and that the USEF was out to get him.

Ok, that’s the gist out it.

Snarky comments aside, I do agree that there are 2 sides to every story. There is certainly a LOT to this one. The entire transcript from the hearing is public. Part of why the penalties were so harsh was due to both defendants prior infractions, including with reserpine (a long term tranq) and Gelfke’s more recent ace infraction. Glefke’s reply, IMO, was disheartening. It seems to me that he is trying to paint the USEF as villains and the lab as incompetent (even though their were two expert witnesses from UC Davis and Cornell that both agreed, separately, that there was nothing amiss in the labs including the testing and handling of the specimens). Ummm HELLO! It’s not like you have a crystal clean record Mr. Glefke. It’s not like this is your first positive test. The worst part in my eyes? He never even denies doping the horse. Not once.

There has been a lot of concerned twittering on the COTH forums wondering if they would be held as a ‘person responsible’ if their trainer was doping their horse behind their back (as the owner/rider). I can’t really sympathize with this concern. If you have any inkling your trainer would do that- move barns now. Shouldn’t you trust your trainer implicitly to care for such precious cargo? What say you?

Also, G/F, guilty in your eyes? Or could their be some other explanation?



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1 yr Anniversary

I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I couldn’t let this day pass without commemorating it- today (July 2nd) marks the one year anniversary of Rio being in my life! I may occasionally forgot my wedding anniversary, but I doubt I will ever forget the day I brought Rio home. Priorities, right?! In honor of this exciting occasion, here is a throwback with highlights from our first year together!


First ride on Rio- when I went to go try him. I was instantly in love- even though he was a gangly green been baby

Rio6.24.16 from Kelly W on Vimeo.

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Stretching our legs

I’m excited to announce that Rio has been getting better with every ride.  He is taking the very occasional wonky step, but he was like that last time I brought him back from time off- I think he’s one of those horses that takes time to ease back into work. I catered him for the first time today (just one lap each way) and his canter felt great! I think he’s happy to be back in work with a job to do. Anyway, I don’t have much to say about our rides since we are keeping them light and simple- but here are a ton of pics courtesy of MM. Enjoy!

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Rio Rides Again

As I mentioned at the end of my last post- Rio got cleared for light riding by Amazing Vet on Monday.  Bursting full of excitement, I drove out there last night after work- hustling my dear hubby to drive faster the whole time. We had to stop at old barn first to grab my very heavy trunk to move it to new barn (only about 15 mins away). Trainer is maybe 100 lbs soaking wet so I try not to have her move my trunk anywhere- it is just too big!

After what felt like forever, we arrived. I love the new facility! I will do a full photo tour soon- but for now, here is the view as I pull into the drive…

Pretty, right?
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The Rio and Scottie Saga

Rio made the move to the new barn today- Flower Mound Farm. I work late today, so I can’t even go see him, but thankfully amazing Trainer and MM have been sending me tons of snaps and pics. Here is a photo story or Rio’s interaction with his newest friend (MM’s horse), as I imagine they would interact.

hanoverian horse friends warmblood
Rio is on the left

Rio: “HEY. Hey I’m Rio. Let’s be BEST FRIENDS. Look how high I can lift my leg! I’m so fun and awesome! And handsome, like so so handsome. I know because my mom tells me ALL the time!”

Scottie: “Umm… idk if we can be friends. You seem kind of high maintenance…and you have really big ears. Just look at them!”

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Food for the soul: Peanut gallery edition

What should you do when you have 2 days of PTO for a horse show that you actually ended up not entering? You obvi go any, because horse shows are soul food. Then again, if you aren’t competing because your horse got bitten by an agent of the devil and then the ensuing vet bills basically ate through your show budget for the next several months faster then my hubby runs from a cockroach- the soul food is tinged with a tiny bit of mold. Like- it’s still delish and everything you want, just with a tiny side of sadness & remorse.


Coco's ice cream Waco texas
L and M showing off their haul from Coco’s
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What’s in your trunk?

Rio is still doing great, but I’m not riding him yet, which leaves plenty of time to do other stuff at the barn while I spoil him with extra grazing time. We are moving to a new barn on Monday so I decided it was a good time to clean out the tack trunk. (My trainer is moving her whole program, so I’m not changing programs, just facilities).

My sweet hubby built this trunk for me 2 Christmases ago. It is huge and so so nice. #bestpresentever. Step 1 involved emptying the whole thing out so I could  clean out the dust.

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