Things Are Coming Together

Rio and I snuck in a jump lesson last Thursday evening before I had to leave town for the weekend. I was a bit worried it would get cancelled (it poured the day before) but thanks to amazing footing, we were still able to to ride. I begged, pleaded, and finally bribed Joanne to come and take some media, so everyone can thank her for making this post way more interesting then if it was just a running stream of my word vomit.  THANK YOU JOANNE!


Sometimes I like to make my trainer sweat by acting like I mighttt take down the standard. What can I say, jumping the middle of the jump is too boring!
Strut, strut, strut


Our lesson went great! Rio and I are both really starting to get the “add” and I’m realizing how nice it is to have that extra adjust-ability. Grant it, it’s not always the prettiest add, or the best jump, but you gotta start somewhere right? With time I think it will become less obvious to the casual observer. I really like that we now have this extra tool in our toolbox, and that I don’t ALWAYS have to take the long spot when I don’t see the correct distance.

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