Equine Chiropractic: The Answer?

Rio has been at Bay Yard since the beginning of March, and up until last week, had not met their vet yet. Shocking, I know. Apparently luck has been on our side lately in the health department, and I’m certainly not complaining. Since I have owned Rio, we have done hock injections every 6 months to make sure he is comfortable, as some arthritic changes when seen on his PPE. He last got them injected in mid January, so I mentioned to trainer that he was due and probably needed to meet their vet.


My precious got a deep conditioning while I watched lessons yesterday


Now, meeting a new vet is a big deal for me. I’m like that helicopter parent that shows up to my kid’s annual check-up with a 3 inch thick binder full of every time he has ever had a paper cut. Working in healthcare myself, I understand the importance of presenting a detailed medical history to a new practitioner. I know that some people might roll their eyes at me, but I really do think it’s vital for getting a feel for the “big picture” of a horse’s health. Prior to meeting New Vet I emailed him all the necessary info, aka PPE x-rays, other x-rays obtained over the years, and a chronological list of all procedures/treatments/meds that Rio has ever been subjected to. I’m nothing if not a type A personality.

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