Julie Winkel Clinic- More Media

I didn’t want to overwhelm y’all on the initial clinic recap post with tons of media, so instead you are getting an entire post dedicated to it. Make sense right? Maybe not. Whatevs.




Totally LOVE this one but wish I hadn’t ruined it by not having my boots snapped up yet (I had just gotten on). Still may need to hang it in my house somewhere though.







All media is credited to MM, as usual!

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  1. I didnt notice the unsnapped boot but love it now that i do see it!! I would frame it 🙂 love all the media, keep on sharing!!

    He is so cute (I know i say this everytime) and his expressions I love. adorable.

    PS what is it like to ride in just a shirt LOL. I forgot!! #bundledupforlifehere

    1. We got super lucky that weekend actually! This past weekend we had highs in the high 30’s. Insert giant eye roll here. I am not going to lie though, we are WAY luckier in Texas then most of the country when it comes to winter!

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